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Connecting to Our Company's VoIP network is easy. You will first need a SIP compatible IP phone. We have certified some of the more popular phones here. If you want to get started immediately, you can download a soft phone, like X-ten while you wait for your hard phone to arrive.


Follow the instructions to configure the phone you are using. Once configured, you should be able to pick up the handset and get a dial tone. This would indicate that the phone is successfully configured and registered with the network.



Your first call should be to the Echo test server. Dial 600. You should hear an explanation of what the echo test is and then a beep. Everything you say will then be repeated back to you as soon as it is received. If you can hear yourself, then you know that your setup is complete.

Now that you are setup, you are ready to make and receive calls!


Quick Reference Guide
Echo Test - Dial 600 Test your audio connection to the server.
Who Am I - Dial 8400 Say the phone number you are dialing from.
Info - Dial 411 News, Stocks, Sports, Entertainment, Travel.
Voicemail - Dial 8500 Check your voicemail messages.
Conference Room - Dial 87000 Join a conference call in room 000.
White Pages Online listing of Our Company members.
Control Panel Edit your account information.


Quick Calling Guide
Our Company members Dial 7 digit phone number.
IAXtel members Dial 1 + 700 + 7 digit phone number.
FWD members Dial 1 + 700 + 99 + five digit FWD number
or 1 + 700 + 9 + six digit FWD number.
Our Company members from outside networks Dial 1 + 588 + 7 digit phone number.
Toll free outgoing PSTN calls Dial 1 + 800 + seven digit number
(also for 888, 877, 866)
Continental US and Canada calls Dial 1 + area code + seven digit number
International calls Dial 011 + country code + city code + phone number

* Pin number can be added by Premium Members in the PIN field in the Our Company Control Panel Login.